Crazy Rich Asians

Main characters hugging

Wouldn't you know it? Rich people are people too! They have insecurities, mostly about what others might think of their family, or how they can comfortably afford Jimmy Choos and million-dollar earrings! Imagine having to get your five maids to hide the shoes around the house, to avoid upsetting your upper-middle-class husband! And you can't even wear the earrings regularly!

Not that he is broke, though. He could afford the luxury apartment with the insane view by himself. Maybe he's just rich, not crazy rich.

And so many comedy opportunities coming out of flying economy. Imagine having to inch forward, the annoyed people behind you just wanting to get to their seats while trying to have a sitcom-level conversation with someone. You may need to help them put their carry-on into the tiny overhead bins! Where they barely fit! Something you never had to do before! And you need to push it, really shove it in, so you can keep talking!

I mean, so funny.

I can see why it connected with its target demographic. It has lots of Chinese shorthand that the movie doesn't explain, like clever one-upmanship during a mahjong game. It makes those who get it feel like part of the “in” group, like the movie was written for them.

Kudos for that.

But I'm sure you get to do it without making the main character such an insecure, whiny bitch, who gets mad at her boyfriend for something his family did, when said boyfriend argued against the family's shittiness right on the spot. And, most offensively, when the character hadn't acted this childish in the entire movie.

Representation is important. You could do it on a better script, though.

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